In this inaugural episode of THE READ, host Van Robichaux tells the backstory of how the podcast started and does an ad read for his first sponsor,

Welcome to The Read, the first and only as far as I know, podcast that is exclusively ad reads. I'm your host Van Robichaux and I am here to do a read for you. Before I get into it, just a little bit of quick background. Earlier this year I decided to start a podcast. I recorded the first episode and I recorded an ad read for that episode and due to a breakage of an iPhone and an Apple Watch and an iCloud pairing issue, very complicated situation. I lost the entire podcast recording except for the ad read, and in fact, the ad read only existed as a copy on my Apple Watch, and so I was able to take that ad read and salvage it. And I thought to myself, why rerecord the entire podcast when the ad read was the best part?

So I've abandoned the original premise for the podcast, and that premise will remain a secret I take to my grave and have now decided to pivot to this. The read.

So without further ado, please enjoy the first episode of The Read, Namecheap

Namecheap that's right, the domain registrar. You know, I have over 50 registered domain names personally myself. You never can have too many domain names. That's what I try to explain to my wife when she sees the bill. I went through last year and pruned a lot of domain names, but just the other day I transferred a domain name, through Namecheap, because that was the easiest way to do it. And I personally, I use a different registrar than Namecheap, but I have used Namecheap and they do work. Speaking of domains, let's talk about some of my domains. I have some ones that I've not used that I have. I have Jimmy Feel like I could put something funny there at some point. I of course have as many people know. I have a lot of van themed domain names. You know, I have my primary, linking website. And in fact, if you wanna sign up for a domain, via name cheap, you're gonna wanna visit That's v a n dot l i n k slash n a m e c h e a p That is gonna send you to Namecheap, but it's gonna make sure they know I sent you there and their ads work. So if you want to get, a domain name like one of mine, like,,,, that could be a good one for someone with a UCB team. You are gonna want to go to and sign up there and buy your domain. Prices start at $3. I made that up, but I'm sure that probably do. So go ahead and click on that link inside of the podcast description or go to your computer or phone and type that and buy a domain name. If you do buy a domain name, go ahead and send me an email at [email protected] and tell me that you bought a domain name. So that is it for this week's inaugural episode of the Read. There will be a new episode every week, please subscribe in your podcast app of choice and you can follow me on Twitter at @vanthebrand and if you want any more information about this podcast or me, you can go to my website, which I mentioned earlier in the podcast.

I hope you enjoyed The Read. I apologize for the quality audio quality of that read Again, it had to be salvaged off of a broken apple watch, so, it did have a little bit of a generational loss in doing that. But, next week we're gonna be back with a higher quality ad read, and in future episodes you can expect some special guests come on and do guest reads as well.

Thank you very much for listening. I'm Van Robichaux, and this is The Read.

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