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Hello and welcome to episode three of the READ I am really excited about today's read but before we get into it, quick catch-up business After last episode, I was delighted to learn that. a THE READ recap podcast has been launched by two podcasters, Sean Mills and Amy Smoot, and in their podcast they recap the week's read and discuss it. I think it's great to see fan engagement like that. And also I noticed the runtime of their podcast is almost twice as long if not three times as long as this podcast, which just goes to show, put a little bit out into the universe, and the universe gives back twice and three times as much as the saying goes. I do wanna say I have not listened beyond, the first 20 or 30 seconds or so of those [00:01:00] episodes because I don't want. feedback to create a feedback loop. I don't want my reads to be overly influenced by this podcast reaction to my reads. I encourage everyone to listen to this recap podcast. Don't think this isn't an endorsement. I, I do endorse it. it's not official in any way, but it has my endorsement.

However, I do need to. myself In order to protect the integrity of the read, to refrain from listening myself, don't take that as a cue for what you should do. Do, as I say, not as I do as I like to say. anyway, back to this week's read. I got sent a personal. email From one of the founders of this company, and this guy is a marketing genius. He's a comedy actor, but he has his own in-house ad team that writes all this copy and shoots the spots for, the companies that he, you know, he's very entrepreneurial and he started a bunch of companies. he has a spirit [00:02:00] brand. he's got a. mobile Network his own sports team he invested in.

Of course, we're talking about Craig Healy.

You probably first became aware of him when he hosted Funny or Die's Clip Cup where he created his famous catchphrase, "seppita up." Then he had his own long running show on Vioobu, Cuplicated. More recently, his political comedy program, which has just been a must watch, especially during the Trump years. Craig Fixada America. But more importantly than that, he has all these businesses. he owns his own rum helmsman. which he created with his best friend. he's got this mobile network, which is what today's read is for, and he's also partnered with Glen Howerton from, it's always Sunny to buy a Tijuana Jai alai team, and they're actually making a reality show about that for Samsung tv plus that's gonna be coming out. That's not part of the read though, that's just background. but this guy, Craig Healy, he's such a funny guy, but he really shows there's nothing funny about business. so when his team, it wasn't actually him personally, but it was [00:03:00] his team reached out about doing a read. I put our scheduled sponsor. Atlas VPN on hold. So please, listeners, please put off any shady online activity that you're trying to cover up and not have detected until at least next week, when our sponsor will be Atlas VPN because this week on the read, it's Seppita Mobile.

More bars, more talk more any Family Anywhere Minutes™. That's a #nobrainer. That's Seppita Mobile the fastest growing virtual mobile voice network operator of 2023. Seppita Mobile has #nobrainer features. Here's what makes the Seppita Mobile Switch™ the ultimate no-brainer.

With Seppita Mobile you build your own unlimited plan. Want to add friends and family need Reliable Rollovers™. They've got your six soldier.

You'll even get[00:04:00] unlimited rate root coverage. You heard that right? RATE ROOT Guaranteed Hassle Free™. You're not dreaming. You'll also get 24/7 Seppita Service™. Their Seppita Staff™ are as friendly as they come and you can't tell over the phone, but they smell nice too. As Craig himself likes to say: reliable friends and family talk hands you the unlimited keys! If you're having any issues at all with your Seppita Mobile service, you can call anytime day or night to 1-740-SEPPITA.

That's 1 7 4 0 S E P P I T A. Just take out your phone and dial 1-740-737-7482 and their customer service will make you happy every time.

Now, I took a look at their website,, and I [00:05:00] was looking at their unlimited plans and they've got some incredible features. The one that stood out to me the most is their $60. per line per month Unlimited Plus Plan™, which comes with Even More Reliable Bars™, Any Family More Minute Rollovers™ Max™, 7G™ Nationwide Plus Max™ and Can LTE Anytime™, International Rate Root Plus™ Hassle-free Guarantee™ and the most text, the most talk, the most time™. Now I know on my phone I text, I talk and let me tell you, I time. I spend a lot of time on there and so that's why I went to V A N dot L I N K slash S E P P I T A and signed up for an unlimited Seppita Mobile plan today.

I didn't really do that, but it says here on the ad copy that I'm [00:06:00] supposed to say that I did, and so I've done that for you. Anyway, Seppita Mobile is a really impressive seeming bargain. prices are competitive. They're giving you seven Gs instead of the five and four that the other companies are giving you. I don't really see any reason not to sign up for Seppita Mobile today. Go ahead and visit the link. It's gonna be in the description of the podcast, and you also just heard it here and seppita yourself up with Seppita Mobile.

All right. That is it for today's reed. We are already running long on time, so I'm gonna wrap this up. I will be back next week with Atlas VPN, unless they cancel with me because I bumped them. Either Atlas VPN or a replacement sponsor will be the read next week. I'm Van Robichaux and this has been THE READ

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