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​Welcome once again to THE READ. I'm your host Van Robichaux and I am here to do another ad read for you. If you listen to last week's episode, you might know that our planned sponsor had been Atlas VPN and we postponed them for a week. I got an email from Atlas VPN and I was worried that it was going to be them canceling our sponsorship or chewing me out, enraged with jealousy for Seppita Mobile, but it was in fact a form email informing me that I would have to update the advertiser affiliate link I used come March 1st to a new link.

They don't seem to really even know that I didn't release their episode, so I will be updating that link. I can dynamically update the link seamlessly for the audience. That's part of why I use the linking service, anyway no one tell them, they weren't on last week's episode. They don't seem to know, and I'd like to keep it that way. With that said, let's just jump right into it. Here's this week's read Atlas VPN.

The internet can be a scary place. There are cyber criminals, stalkers, and even government agencies that are looking for any chance to invade your privacy and steal your information. A reputable VPN service like Atlas VPN helps to protect you against these dangers. Privacy is a big deal. Atlas VPN offers paid and free options that protect your privacy and allow access to geo blocked content.

It also includes a fully functional ad blocker. Another security benefit of using Atlas VPN is the built-in kill switch. When activated the VPN kill switch prevents your device from sending or receiving any data outside of the encrypted VPN tunnel.

This means if your connection drops for any reason, your internet traffic will not be exposed. Kill switches are a critical safety measure for anyone using a VPN, but not all providers offer this feature. If you're seriously concerned about your privacy online, make sure to choose Atlas VPN. That way your data will always be protected, even if your VPN connection is lost.

Right now you can get 83% off a two year subscription to Atlas VPN by visiting That's V A N dot L I N K slash A T L A S V P N. They've got a 30 day money back guarantee, so there's absolutely nothing to lose...except your privacy.

Now, I don't use Atlas VPN nothing against them. I don't use a subscription VPN service.

If I did use a vpn, I would probably set it up myself using IP address blocks, anonymously purchased at auction, and servers distributed throughout the world at secret locations. But I'll be honest, that sounds like a lot of work. If I believed companies like Atlas VPN weren't just fronts for intelligence services, I could save a lot of time and money by going to and signing up today.

But unfortunately, I know better. For example, did you know? Atlas VPN competitor Express VPN has a Chief Information Officer who is a former NSA agent, probably just a coincidence. But it does make you wonder who's really pulling the strings at Atlas VPN the Chinese, the Russians, the CIA, MI-6?

I keep thinking back on that ad copy. They called themselves a reputable VPN provider who goes out of their way to say that. What a weird turn of phrase to volunteer.

Hold on. I need to take a break from this recording.

All right I'm back. It's Wednesday at 11:50 PM. I've been researching all last night and all today. I decided as an ad reader, it was my responsibility to dig in, do some research and find out. Who is Atlas VPN really? Here are my findings.

Atlas VPN is only part of a larger puzzle. A few years ago, they were acquired by competing VPN provider and frequent YouTube ad read sponsor Nord VPN. Nord VPN is officially registered as a Panamanian corporation and for years dodged internet rumors that it was tied to a Lithuanian data mining outfit called Tesonet who owns a series of tech companies including web scraping and proxy companies, and recently became a holder in Lithuania's, third largest bank. However after years of speculation and denials, Nord VPN now admits they were founded by. Tom Oakman, the founder of Tesonet.

Tesonet was founded in 2008 by Oakman, a Lithuanian tech entrepreneur, and protege of Lithuanian Telecom Magnate Idrakas Dadašovas. At the same time he founded Tesonet oakman worked at Dadašovas's Banking Technology conglomerate Pinki Continenti, one of the only British Lithuanian partnerships started. In Soviet controlled Lithuania during the time between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. It managed to succeed despite a series of KGB active measures that involved false rumors that prominent Lithuanian public figures interested in working with Western companies were actually part of a nationalist underground that had collaborated with Hitler's Germany.

Shortly after the Declaration of Lithuanian independence, this British Lithuanian partnership reincorporated under the ambitious name. Pinki Continenti (Five Continents)

Then quickly began building and installing the banking technology infrastructure that enabled Lithuania and the rest of the former Soviet block to rapidly enter the Western global economy.

The ties between Tesonet, globalization, western investment and banking don't stop there. Tesonet's most recent acquisition is a percentage of Siauliu Bankas the third largest bank in Lithuania. These shares were purchased from the European Bank for Reconstruction and development. The E R B D an international bank also after the fall of the Berlin Wall, whose charter says it exists to quote, promote the transition to free market oriented economies in countries committed to multi-party democracy end quote.

I think it's pretty clear now. Who's really behind Atlas VPN? It's not the CIA or even the North Koreans, It's just a friendly cabal of globalist capitalists, bent on the world domination of capitalism. You know, sounds to me like a group that loves a good ad read.

If you'd like your data used to promote the transition of free market oriented economies in countries committed to multi-party democracy then go to today. And don't forget, you'll get 83% off. That's under $2 a month for their vpn service that, despite its free market orientation-- or perhaps because of it-- will let you illegally download things without getting caught and stream shows on Netflix they don't have the US rights to.. That's it for this week's The Read I'm Van Robichaux. Stay safe out there, internet.

[distant sirens wailing]

Just had some sirens going by. Not worried about it being for me though, I use a VPN.

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