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Hello. Welcome back to The Read. We've got a great read for you this week. It's a read. I've actually been planning for awhile, but I think it comes at a good time because I've gotten some feedback about some of the most recent reads and some listeners are concerned that the products and services I'm doing reads for aren't for them.

Van, I loved your read about Gusto. But I don't own a small business. I don't need to run my own payroll, said some.

Your episode on VPNs was fascinating, but I still don't understand what one is even after listening, said others.

And Shen Yun, well, the politics involved there are just a little too complicated, I think for everyone. So, for this week sponsor, I've got something different, it's the first sponsor that reached out to me right after the podcast launched to inquire about taking out a paid on air read and I got right back to this sponsor/ listener and said I'd love to work something out with them, but they would have to wait at least a month in, because I wanted to establish the podcast as a serious collection of genuine ad reads so that when I got to their brand, people would know their inclusion in The Read, spoke to they're high quality and great customer service.

I'm really excited to have them, because they're a small business, a mom and pop, not a big tech startup processing payroll. Not a dance troupe that's a front for a right-wing anti-communist Chinese propaganda organization.

Just a simple gas station and convenience store. The kind of place any listener to The Read could stop at, fill up a tank, grab a bite and a beverage and have a nice time.

One small issue that may make things more difficult for some listeners is that this is a single location, neighborhood gas station and convenience store, exclusivly serving the greater Minneapolis area. Today on the read: 36 Lyn.

36 Lyn Refuel Station is a Minneapolis based independent retailer specializing in locally sourced foods and quality products. This independent community oriented and black owned business is located in South Minneapolis on the Northeast corner of 36th Street and Lyndale Avenue, as the name implies.

As a neighborhood convenience store, they are especially passionate about becoming important members of their community and making a positive impact. Over the past 17 years thanks to their hard work and unique business model, they've managed to turn 36 Lyn Refuel Station from a small neighborhood convenience store into a thriving mid-sized retailer without compromising the quality of products or services they provide.

A large portion of the products that 36 Lyn's sells come from small local producers, everything from their organic foods and snacks, a multitude of coffee and beverage options. Fresh eggs to an amazing assortment of hot sauces and condiments. 36 Lyn makes sure that no one has to substitute nutrition and quality for convenience. This is not your usual gas station fair.

Key to their success is a personalized approach and a passion for customer service. Their team is constantly looking for new ways to make your 36 Lyn shopping experience, more positive, pleasant, and rewarding.

36 Lyn also enjoys building lasting relationships with local vendors, sharing product knowledge, and participating in unique sponsorship opportunities, like this read on The Read, so that we can all grow together collectively as a community.

36 lens consciousness, doesn't end there. Their entire store is fueled by wind energy. They were also one of the first sites in Minneapolis to install a fast charger for electric cars. 36 Lyn may be a small business, but they've been able to make a big impact.

They've also provided gifts of time, product, food donations as well as monetary donations to a number of local nonprofits. In addition to supporting their local community. 36 Lyn Refuel Station is a supporter of the arts both locally and throughout the United States.

36 Lyn has been a marquee sponsor of the annual Burbank-based, bewildering performance art piece and convention Bug Con. As well as the less polished, but no less deserving fan organized gathering of the Bugalos in Chicago.

Speaking of their association with the enigmatic rapper Bug Mane, recently resurrected and performing under the new name Bugmane 2000, 36 Lin would like to announce a standing offer for Bugmane 2000 to play the roof of their store any time he chooses.

But that's not their only offer, they've got one for you, the customer too. If you buy any Delta-9 products in the month of April, you'll be entered into their 420 drawing to win over $200 worth of products from Baja Ontario and other local Delta-9 manufacturers.

And one more thing. If you stop by 36 Lyn Refuel Station, anytime this April and tell him "Van sent you", you'll get a free banana with the purchase of any large fountain soda.

So if you're in the greater Minneapolis area or looking for an obscure road trip destination, stop by 36 Lyn Refuel Station, located on the Northeast corner of 36th Street and Lyndale Avenue in South Minneapolis.

All right to find out more about 36 Lyn you can go to van.link/36lyn that's V A N dot L I N K slash the number three, the number six L Y N. Van.link/36lyn.

I haven't been to 36 Lyn myself, but the next time I am in the greater Minneapolis area, I will not hesitate to stop by.

I'd like to thank 36 Lyn marketing director, friend of the show, and former big brother contestant McCrae Olson for arranging the sponsorship.

36 Lyn is truly a gas station and convenience store like none other. I do hope some of you listeners get to go and visit. And don't forget, say "Van sent ya."

That's it for this week. I'm Van Robichaux and this has been The Read.

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